Results from October 4th, 2014

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WOW! What a great night of racing action! Thanks to all the fans, drivers, and crew who came and supported us tonight! Congratulations to all the winners! See you all next week!


Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 51-Pete Wright
2. 2 13-DJ McMahan
3. 11 2-Dennis Grable
4. 6 1-David Price
5. 3 12-Pat Lackey
6. 10 444-Chuck Heling
7. 5 333-Aaron Duncan
8. 4 30-Jonathan Sims
9. 7 44-Jamie Lackey
10. 8 4-Daniel Ashburn
DNS. 9 88-Robbie Morgan



Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 D2-Darren Goins
2. 3 50-Adam Mitchell
3. 5 5x-Joe Freels
4. 6 69-David Macklin
5. 4 5-Mike Freeman
6. 7 87-Robert Horsley
7. 8 18-Corey Summers
DQ. 2 28-Bobby Doss


Crate Late Model

Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 24-Barry Goodman
2. 8 157-Kenny Kizzar
3. 5 30-Ryan King
4. 4 75-Shannon Elrod
5. 3 44-Chase King
6. 11 7-Robby Moses
7. 9 9-Brett Ashley
8. 12 7-William Overbey
9. 16 32-Tom Larcher
10. 17 3-Jeremy Hicks
11. 15 30-Austin Songer
12. 7 27-Buddy Knox
13. 6 18-Jeremy Holtzclaw
14. 14 17-Richard Dixon
15. 10 114-Joe Crabtree
16. 18 15-Wade Howerton
17. 13 75-Michael Arp
DNS. 2 88-Brad Coffey


Mod Lite

Fn St Driver Name
1. 4 20-John Pitts
2. 2 17-Micah Collins
3. 3 23-Randy Fry
4. 6 4K-Michael Kelly
5. 1 7-Freddie Prosser Jr
6. 8 M16-Larry Daniels
7. 11 2K-Steven Epling
8. 9 12A-Alan VanWhy
9. 7 117-David Smith
10. 10 62-Jerry Hagewood
DNS. 5 5K-Tony Kelly
DNS. 12 15-Eric Maples


Steel Head Late Model

Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 39-Eddie King Jr
2. 3 30-Ryan King
3. 12 9-Heath Hindman
4. 4 23-Cory Hedgecock
5. 15 00-Kelvin White
6. 5 5M-Scott Shelton
7. 10 29-Jason Welshan
8. 8 70-Travis Arms
9. 16 101-Forrest Trent
10. 13 15-Andy Standridge
11. 22 1-Jeff Adkisson
12. 17 47-Dave Jurist
13. 24 144-Chris Barton
14. 2 32-Jason Manley
15. 25 6-Joey Standridge
16. 21 25-Justin Tabor
17. 9 31C-Jarrett Choate
18. 18 77-Perry Delaney
19. 20 16-Blake Gill
20. 7 0-Ross White
21. 11 31-Johnny Ridings
22. 14 4-Shannon Smith
23. 23 714-Howard Baker
DNS. 6 17-Freddy Simpson
DNS. 19 12T-Dan Tipton
DNS. 26 18-Benjy Shaw
DNS. 27 17-Matt Henderson



Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 5-Allen Walker
2. 4 112-Roger Smith
3. 5 1R-Robert Russell
4. 7 73-Allen Walden
5. 6 01-John Walker
6. 3 17-Jeremy Fisher
7. 8 52-Kevin Crane
8. 2 9-Greg Humphrey
DNS. 9 152-Eric Fisher


Mod Mini

Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 67-David Singleton
2. 3 10-Marcus Thompson
3. 2 W82-Woody Shelby
4. 5 19-Nick Perry
5. 4 9C-Chris Johnston
6. 6 51-Rocky McNabb
7. 8 322-James Roberts
8. 7 52-Anthony Singleton

Suspensions announced following 9/27 incident

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As a result of the extra-curricular activity that took place following the action on Saturday September 27th, drivers Bo Allison and Ronnie Shelton have been suspended one (1) week. Both the #48 and #24/#124 machines will also be under suspension.

More penalties could be announced as more information comes to light. I-75 Raceway will have a ZERO tolerance policy for altercations on Raceway property.

Mod Mini joins Mod Lite as 2 special divisions this week

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A new week brings a couple changes to the racing program. 4-Bangers will have the evening off on October 4th, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see less racing. In fact, you’ll see MORE, as we’ve added Mod Mini and Mod Lite to the program for this Saturday night! All competitors wishing to run Mod Mini can click the “Read More” button on this posting and view the rules. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for an exciting night this Saturday night as we feature 2 new divisions of racing excitement!


Mod Mini Rules
Ford may run Steel Head only
1lb per cc min 2200 lbs
Stock stroke
Carb Max 500 cfm
8 in wheel any tire
Must add 70 lbs if not 16lb flywheel
May deduct 30 lb for muffler
No tube frame cars
One shock per wheel adj only
Protest $400.00 for entire motor
$250.00 for head
$150.00 for flywheel
FWD Rules
4 cyl naturally aspirated
No turbos, NOS, etc.
May run racing tires
Stock transmission for all Pony and FWD cars.

Exciting Night at I-75 Raceway

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(Sweetwater, Tn) – Murphy’s Law states “ What ever can go wrong, will go wrong”. This adage, used for generations was first attributed to a Capt. Edward A. Murphy while conducting military tests in 1949. The new I-75 Raceway experienced just such a night Saturday Sept. 27th. While watering the tracks surface prior to the nights racing events, Race Director Monty Morrow rolled the water truck off the banking outside of turn 4. Monty was ok, but the water truck suffered enough damage that it was out of service. The end result was that the racing surface was going to be a little drier that previous weeks. This did not deter Racer drivers and fans alike from filling the grounds as a record number of cars filled the pits and an equally impressive crowd filled the grandstand for the nights racing action.


The nights first main event was the “B” Hobby Feature. Westley Lester used his win in preliminary action to start on the pole of the main event, with fellow heat race winner DJ McMahan starting on the outside of the front row. The drop of green flag saw Lester power into the lead with McMahan sliding high in turn one causing him to lose several positions. The 77 machine of Travis Reno moved into second followed by Pete Wright, McMahan, and Eric Griffith. Reno retired to the pits on lap six along with the cars of Mitchell Brown and Griffith. Lester would survive many intense challenges from Wright and McMahan, but would go on to his second win of the season at I-75. Following Lester to the checkers was Wright, McMahan, Randal Addison, and Reagan Williams. The remainder of the top ten was Greg Humphrey, Jay Young, Danny Bray, Tyler Jones and Reno.


Kelvin White and Bobby Doss led the “A” Hobby/Sportsman to the green flag to start their main event with White taking the advantage into turn one. Doss and Joe Freels fought a race long battle for second with Freels gaining the advantage early. Doss was able to get by Freels and settle into second but could never mount much of a challenge to White as White went on to claim his first victory at I-75 Raceway. Doss settled for second ahead of Freels, Jimmy York, Stanley Fletcher, Tim Standridge, and Cody Herron. Both White and Doss won heat races during preliminary action.


The Crate Late Model Feature saw an intense battle for the lead between the cars of Drew Kennedy, Tanner Works, and Brad Coffey. Kennedy held off challenges from, first Works and then Coffey for the first 15 laps of the 20 lap event. On lap 4 Coffey was able to get around Works for second and a hard charging Allen Green was able to pull into 3rd place a couple laps later. On lap 14 Green made a move to the inside of race leader Kennedy in turns one and two but found space limited and spun into the infield, forcing him to restart the race at the tail. On the ensuing restart Coffey made a power move to the outside of Kennedy in turn one and was able to grab the top spot which he held for the remainder of the race. The top five at the finish was Coffey, Kennedy, Works, Shannon Elrod, and Barry Goodman. Green came from the tail to claim sixth followed by Joe Crabtree, Brett Ashley, Patrick Duggan, and Tommy Larcher. Preliminary heat races were won by Kennedy and Works to earn their front row starting positions for the main event.


Cory Hedgecock of Loudon made his 1st ever visit to the New I-75 Raceway a memorable trip as he swept the nights action in the Steelhead division. Hedgecock started on the front row alongside last weeks feature winner Ruben Mayfield. From the drop of the green flag it was apparent that Hedgecock was the car to beat, as he immediately grabbed the lead and pulled away from Mayfield. Jesse Lowe moved into third on lap 16 after starting the event in 5th and began to pressure Mayfield for second. Heath Hindman, who started 6th moved into the top 5 on lap 3 after getting around the 39 machine of Eddie King Jr. The first caution of the race flew on lap 7 and the cars of Brian Hooks and Tyler Adams retired form the event. On the restart Hedgecock continued to flex his muscle and again pulled away for the competition. The battle for second was intense throughout the race as the cars of Mayfield and Lowe battled door to door until lap 21 when Hindman was able to power around Lowe into third place. Hedgecock cruised to the victory with Mayfield settling for second. Lowe was able to make a last lap pass to claim third ahead of Hindman, while 5th went to King Jr. Completing the top 10 was Mike Weeks in sixth, Scott Shelton in 7th, 8th was Keith Longmire, 9th went to Andy Standridge, and Kevin Lewis finished in 10th. Preliminary action saw Hedgecock making a last lap pass of King Jr. to win his heat and Mayfield claimed the 2nd heat race.


After the excitement of the Steelhead feature Allen Walker decided to give the crowd’s hearts a chance to calm down as he dominated the Thunder Car Feature to claim his second such victory at I-75. Last weeks winner Roger Smith experienced trouble in his heat race and had to start the feature in the 7th spot, but quickly worked his way into 2nd, but could never get close enough to challenge Walker. Kevin Crane finished 3rd, while Bruce Willis finished 4th and Robert Russell finished in 5th. Tony Wilson also started the event but went pitside on lap 9 and was credited with a 6th place finish. Preliminary winners were Walker and Crane.


Finally the crazy night that seen breakers blow, water trucks flip and intense action on the track was going to come to an end, but first the exciting 4 banger class took to the track for the final feature race of the night. Dustin Pueirtt grabbed the early lead and quickly began to pull away from the rest of the field. Last weeks winner Marcus Thompson held second briefly until Bo Allison got around before he was forced to retire for the rest of the race on lap 3. Pueirtt continued to lead while the cars of Thompson, Joshua Wates, Chris Johnston, and Ronnie Shelton battled for second through 5th positions. Shelton began to make his presence known as he first moved around Wates for third and then one lap later around Thompson for second. Shelton was able to get around Pueirtt on lap 14 but not without a fight as Pueirtt continued to pressure Shelton throughout the remaining laps. After the leaders took the white flag they made contact exiting turn 2 and Shelton spun into the infield bringing out the final caution of the night. The caution was charged to the 9 of Pueritt and he was sent to the rear of the field, while Shelton got his spot back. On the restart Shelton pulled away claiming his first official win of the season while Johnston claimed second. Wates held on for third ahead of Bryant Idles, and Anthony Dixon. Sixth through tenth was James Sharp, Kenny Lemons, Thompson, Pueirtt, and Allison.
I-75 Raceway would like to thank Orr Construction who provided pumpkins to the first 150 children that walked through the gates. More thanks go out to NAPA of Sweetwater/Madisonville, Ruben Mayfield, Davenport Racing and Lowe Racing. I-75 Raceway will be back in action this upcoming Saturday with a full show of Steelhead Late models, Crate Late Models, “A” Hobby / Sportsman, “B” Hobby, Thunder cars, Mod Mini, and Mod LIte. More information about the new I-75 Raceway can be found on their website I-75 Raceway is located approximately 4 miles from I-75 on Highway 68.

Results from September 27th

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All results are unofficial. Thanks to all the drivers, crew, and fans who came to watch a great night of racing. Yes, the track surface wasn’t as good as the first 2 weeks, but Monty had an accident with the water truck and feels terrible about it. That said, don’t forget we’re starting 30 minutes earlier next week, gates will open at 4:30 and drivers meeting at 6:30. Join us!!


Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 06-Westley Lester
2. 5 51-Pete Wright
3. 2 13-DJ McMahan
4. 7 53-Randall Addison
5. 3 K37-Reagan Williams
6. 9 9-Greg Humphrey
7. 12 J7-Jay Young
8. 6 B2-Danny Bray
9. 19 5-Tyler Jones
10. 4 77-Travis Reno
11. 8 155-Eric Griffith
12. 11 386x-Mitchell Brown
13. 14 25-Benny Duncan
14. 10 73-Allen Walden
DNS. 13 12J-Jeremy Sey
DNS. 15 18-John McDaniel
DNS. 16 1-Justin Best
DNS. 17 6x-Bruce Davenport
DNS. 18 39-Andy Williams


Fn St Driver Name
1. 2 00-Kelvin White
2. 3 28-Bobby Doss
3. 1 5x-Joe Freels
4. 4 Y3-Jimmie York
5. 5 1F-Stanley Fletcher
6. 7 2-Tim Standridge
7. 6 7-Cody Herron
DNS. 8 67-Christopher Peak

Crate Late Model

Fn St Driver Name
1. 4 88-Brad Coffey
2. 1 K37-Drew Kennedy
3. 2 T35-Tanner Works
4. 7 75-Shannon Elrod
5. 3 24-Barry Goodman
6. 5 41-Allen Green
7. 8 114-Joe Crabtree
8. 10 9-Brett Ashley
9. 6 17-Patrick Duggan
10. 9 32-Tom Larcher

Steel Head Late Model

Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 23-Cory Hedgecock
2. 2 00-Ruben Mayfield
3. 5 5J-Jesse Lowe
4. 6 9-Heath Hindman
5. 3 39-Eddie King Jr
6. 8 44-Mike Weeks
7. 4 5M-Scott Shelton
8. 10 12K-Keith Longmire
9. 14 15-Andy Standridge
10. 9 K15-Kevin Lewis
11. 15 32-Herman Radke
12. 13 47-Dave Jurist
13. 17 70-Travis Armes
14. 16 14-Chris Whitted
15. 7 99-Tyler Adams
16. 12 7-Brian Hooks
17. 11 36-Billy Palmer


Fn St Driver Name
1. 1 5-Allen Walker
2. 7 112-Roger Smith
3. 2 52-Kevin Crane
4. 6 1-Bruce Willis
5. 4 1R-Robert Russell
6. 8 7-Tony Wilson
DNS. 3 5-John Simms
DNS. 5 01-John Walker


Fn St Driver Name
1. 4 124-Ronnie Shelton
2. 11 9C-Chris Johnston
3. 3 9-Joshua Wates
4. 5 BA2-Bryant Idles
5. 10 01-Anthony Dixon
6. 8 726-James Sharp
7. 7 33-Kenny Lemons
8. 6 10-Marcus Thompson
9. 1 9-Dustin Pueirtt
11. 12 52-Anthony Singleton
DNS. 9 43-Dustin McCaroll
DQ. 2 48-Bo Allison (altercation)

Welcome to the NEW internet home of I-75 Raceway!

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Hello fans! After a lengthy delay on updates, and ultimately losing access to the website entirely, we’ve teamed up with Markus Hankins, who comes on board after being released from another local track, to build a website in which fans and drivers can find all the information they need. So keep checking back on the website, as it will be overflowing with content soon! We’re very excited about our new website and very excited about our future, so help us spread the word about our new internet home!

Only one winner repeats in week 2

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Only one winner repeats in week 2
Story by: Scott Miller
September 22nd, 2014
(Sweetwater, TN.)  Race fans in Tennessee have a new place to enjoy their favorite sport. I-75 Raceway presented their 2nd race event, and just like their first race the previous week, a standing room only crowd enjoyed a night of exciting racing action. Even a mild earthquake just a few miles away did not hamper the evenings festivities as a full pit promised an eventful night of racing.
I-75 Raceway will be back in action next Saturday night with a full card of racing events, including Steel Head Late Models, Crate Late Models, “A” Hobby/ Sportsman, “B” Hobby, Thunder cars and the exciting 4 Bangers.
                     The nights first feature event was the “B” Hobby cars. Opening night winner Dennis Grable started on the pole and lead every lap en route to his second consecutive victory. The win was not easy as Grable was pressured early by the cars of Bruce Davenport, Nick Barnard, and Greg Humphrey. While Grable continued to lead the action was deep in the pack as the late arriving car of DJ McMahan began moving towards the front from his eight starting position. On lap ten the #41 car of Nathan Crowden took a wild ride off the turn three banking, Crowden was unhurt but his car was done for the evening. on the restart McMahan continued his march to the front and by lap 16 was in second and right on the rear bumper of Grable. McMahan, pressured Grable the final few laps of the 20 lap event but could never get by Grable. Following Grable and McMahan was Davenport, Barnard, and Humphrey. The rest of the top ten was Justin Best, Mitchell Brown, Crowden, Travis Reno, and Allen Walden. Preliminary winners were Grable and Davenport.
                   The “A” Hobby/Sportsman cars were next up for their feature event. Last weeks winner Joe Freels in the 5x machine, lead the field to the green flag with Darren Goins in his beautiful D2 machine on his outside. Freels jumped to the early lead but Goins was able to get around him on lap 2 and go on to a dominating win. Freels mount got loose coming out of turn 4 and he lost several positions as the 122 of Tony Shannon, the A1 of Brad Adkisson was able to get past him. The battle for second between Shannon, Adkisson, and Freels was intense the remainder of the race, but nobody was good enough to beat Goins on this night. Goins was first at the finish followed by Adkisson, Freels, who made a strong late run, Shannon, and rounding out the top 5 was the 88 of Charlie Shook. Positions 6-10 were Ted Lowe, Jeff Day, Greg Underwood, Ralph Standridge, and Jimmie York. Underwood made things exciting as he flipped his car in turns one and two, but was unhurt in the incident. Freels and Goins both won the heat races in earlier action to earn their front row starting spots.
                   Shannon Elrod and Chuck Heling made up the front row of the Crate Late Model Feature. Elrod quickly made the move to the front at the drop of the green flag, while Heling dropped several spots after Kyle May, Brad Coffey, and Barry Goodman all got by him. Elrod held the lead throughout but was under constant pressure by May until a lap 13 caution when May and Coffey got together sending them both to the tail of the field. Goodman took over second place but could not mount a challenge for Elrod as he cruised for the win. Goodman held on to second place, while May fought back for a strong third place finish. Coffey managed fourth, while the 17D of Patrick Duggan finished fifth. Rounding out the rest of the field was Heling in 6th, Brandon Lewelling, 7th, Brandon Gray, 8th, and Jason Dye. Heat races were won by Elrod and Heling.
                    Perhaps the nights most anticipated event was up next as the Steel Head Late Models took to the track for their 25 lap main event. Last weeks winner Jesse Lowe and Rueben Mayfield would lead the field to green.  Lowe grabbed the early lead with Mayfield following closely behind. The 2 lead cars got together on a lap 3 restart and Lowe suffered a flat left rear and had to go to the pits, relegating him to the tail of the field. This handed the lead to Mayfield, who used this break to his advantage as he lead the rest of the way for his first I-75 Victory. Behind him action was intense throughout the field as the 5m machine of Scott Shelton moved into the second position ahead of a hard charging Andy Standridge and Brian Hooks. Benjy Shaw made a late run into the top five, an at the finish settled for a strong 5th place finish. The top five at the finish was Mayfield, Shelton, Standridge, Hooks, and Shaw. Completing the top ten was Kevin Weeks, Shannon Smith, Anthony Arnwine, Dave Jurist, and Charles Tanner completed the top ten. Preliminary winners were Lowe and Mayfield.
                    Only 4 cars made the call for the start of the Thunder Car Feature, but this did not diminish the excitement level during the race. Pole sitter Roger Smith and the previous weeks winner Allen Walker raced nose to tail during the entire event with Smith holding the lead. Third place running John Walker had an intense battle with the 1r of Robert Russell for several laps. Back up front Walker began working under Smith for the lead and appeared to finally gain the preferred inside line exiting turn 2 but as he drew beside Smith the car of Russell spun bringing out the caution and forcing Walker back to second place. Smith was then able to hold off Walker the rest of the way for the exciting win. Following Smith was Walker, John Walker and Russell. Smith also won the heat race earlier in the evening.
                    The final event of the night was the always exciting 4 Bangers division. Ronnie Shelton, driving the well prepared #24 machine, grabbed the early lead and drove through traffic to claim the apparent win. Following Shelton across the line was the #10 machine of Marcus Thompson(2nd) Dustin Pueirtt(3rd) Chris Johnston(4th) and Jimmy Lankford(5th). After the finish the 24 car of Shelton was disqualified and Thompson was awarded the win. The final finishing order was Thompson, Pueirtt, Johnston, Lankford, Fireball Roberts, Joshua Wates, and Debbie Singleton. Shelton and Pueirtt won their heat races earlier in the nights action.